Some Activities & Services

Morocco is doing a lot to keep up with the increasing interest in activities and sporting holidays.

Cooking Class

Enjoy a cooking class in Morocco in Fez,Marrakech,Rabat,Agadir,and Casablanca.

You’ll start by going out to buy your ingredients at the local, bustling market. Then, you’ll head back to the workshop to begin preparing your masterpiece.

The course lasts from 9:30am until 2:30pm and is finalized by you enjoying your meal.

Henna tattoes

Moroccan Henna is a popular tradition in Morocco worn by women of all ages. During special occasions such as Moroccan weddings, holidays and circumcisions, women get henna on their hands and feet.

It’s a temporary design applied to your skin in a brownish paste made from powder. Many women also apply henna to their entire body and/or hair in the hammam once a week. It has a distinguished smell and needs to be left on the skin to dry for several hours to achieve darker, longer lasting results. Sometimes, black henna is used, but it can be dangerous so stick to the regular henna for safety.

In Marrakesh, plenty of women will call out to you with books full of their designs in Jemma El Fna square.

In Agadir, henna artists can be found along Agadir Beach. All the same rules apply! Talented henna artists cannot be missed in most Moroccan cities and towns.

Morocco Trekking


Trekking is one of the best things Morocco has to offer.

Morocco boasts one of the most rewarding mountain ranges in the world – and one of the least spoilt.

A number of long-distance Atlas routes can be followed.

One can even do a “Grand Traverse” of the full range.

However most people limit themselves to shorter treks round the Djebel Toubkal area.


Soccer is important in Morocco and the country is a growing force. The national side has made the World Cup on four different occasions and was among the African nations bidding to host the tournament in 2010.

Moroccan teams have also been extremely successful in African club competitions.

This is quite impressive when you consider that most Moroccan football players develop their skills in unstructured kick-arounds on the beach, street or patches of wasteland.


Golf is probably the most important sport in Morocco. The country has an international-level course at Rabat and many other 18-hole golf courses.

Water sports and swimming

Morocco offers excellent water sports such as sailing, yachting, windsurfing, surfing, swimming, White Water River rafting, kayaking and diving.


Morocco doesn’t immediately spring to mind as a skiing destination, but the High Atlas Mountains are reliably snow-covered from late January to early April.

The Middle Atlas also occasionally has sufficient snow for skiing.


Horse riding and camel rides are very popular in Morocco.

There are many hotels that offer guided treks through the Atlas Mountains.

You should bring your own helmet though.


The country features an immense stretch of Atlantic and a small stretch of Mediterranean coastline, with great opportunities to arrange boat trips almost anywhere.

Inland, the Middle Atlas shelters beautiful lakes and rivers, many of them well stocked with trout.